To support the applications your organisation uses, you need a stable, reliable IT environment that can adapt to the changing requirements of the business.

With our co-location data centre solutions, applications and data can be hosted securely, accessed quickly and be available on demand, all the time.

As a co-location hosting service provider, we give you access to high-performing infrastructure in any one of our 13 data centres, each offering rack space for any level of demand, and additional security options for hosting and accessing servers.

If you need physical intervention on site, sign up for our 24/7 Smart Hands service.

A co-location platform for performance and productivity

Optimum performance for any level of demand

Enjoy the benefits of a secure, high-performing "intelligent data centre"

The Internet Solutions data centre co-location facility is designed to help you focus on what you do best while enjoying the benefits of a secure, high-performing “intelligence centre” that offers fast, reliable access to business applications, and enables cloud, unified communications and collaboration solutions.

All our data centres have the following features to guarantee availability and uptime:


Our data centre facilities are built in line with TIA-942 Tier 3 data centre design principles to ensure full continuity. They are designed to save energy and optimise power consumption, making them more efficient and less costly to run, which helps to contain costs and meet sustainability targets.There are service level agreements in place for redundancy and uptime.


Enjoy fast access to hosted data and services with the fully redundant IS fibre optic network. We offer multiple connectivity failovers through wireless and satellite links.

Our data centres are also telco-agnostic, so you can break out of the data centre on any network.


Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and generators protect the power supply against power surges, spikes and outages (including load shedding), so we can guarantee a stable power supply.

Physical and virtual security

  • Our co-location security measures help you meet governance requirements for data care, security and protection. We use sophisticated access control and surveillance systems to ensure that only authorised people may access our data centres.
  • Our fire-suppression systems are of international standard to reduce the risk of fire damage to the data centre.
  • To protect the data centre from attacks like cybercrime and hacking, we use the latest firewalls and network access-control systems.
  • 24/7 support Our expert engineers are on site 24/7 to maintain the data centre and give you the support you need.

Server, security and support options

Our co-location engineers are available 24/7

Rack Solutions

Rack Solutions provides dedicated hardware in one of our 13 data centres. You can choose to own or lease the servers you need.

Quarter, half and full racks offer 10U, 20U and 42U of secure space respectively, and you’re able to manage your servers remotely from our self-service portal.

Vault Solutions

Vault Solutions is a secure hosting cage for racks hosted in our data centre. The wire cabinets have lockable front and back doors, and for additional security you can implement a biometric scanner for access control. Server failover functionality is also provided.

Secure Rack Solutions

Secure Rack Solutions uses advanced fingerprint technology to control access to front and back rack doors, in line with your access control policies. Unauthorised users will be denied access. Access logs as well as email and/or SMS notifications are available through the self-service portal.

Smart Hands

Smart Hands is an additional support function you can rely on when you need physical intervention on a server, switch or firewall, but aren’t able to do it yourself.

Our engineers are available 24/7 and will act on your instructions to toggle a switch, push a button, change hardware components or rack new server equipment.

Co-location facilities that keep pace with business growth

Outsource data centre hardware and support to experts

Outsource your co-location data centre for growth

Rather than building and running your own data centre facility, you can outsource data centre hardware and support to experts, and keep a handle on the cost of co-location.

It’s easier to cater for growth in the volume and complexity of services that run from the data centre.

You can use these services as needed without a large capex investment in hardware, space and skills. You also control costs by paying only for the rack space and power you need.

We offer remote management, so your administrators can monitor and manage servers from wherever they are. Our service level agreements for availability are in place to help you maintain productivity and provide for business continuity.