Your data centre is the hub that supports the applications you use and should enable people to connect quickly to the tools they use to transact, collaborate and communicate.

Fast, reliable data centre connectivity is essential for all components to work and deliver optimum performance.

Our Structured Cabling and Hosting Traffic services give you a number of choices for connecting into and out of our data centres. .

You also have the option of using our 24/7 Smart Hands service, should you need one of our expert engineers to physically intervene on a server, firewall or switch.

Extend your hosting network

Infrastructure and connectivity to boost your business

Optimum performance for any level of demand

Our cloud networking and cloud-based services allow you to focus on what you do best while enjoying the benefits of a secure, high-performing “intelligence centre” that offers fast, reliable access to business applications, and enables cloud, unified communications and collaboration solutions.

All our data centres have the following features to guarantee availability and uptime:


To ensure full continuity, our data centre facilities are built in accordance with TIA-942 Tier 3 data centre design principles. We also have set service level agreements in place to guarantee redundancy and uptime. Best of all, the infrastructure is less costly to run as our data centres are designed to save energy and optimise power consumption. This makes them more efficient and reduces the impact on the environment.


Our telco-agnostic data centres give you the flexibility to break out on any network. Our fully redundant fibre optic network allows you to enjoy fast access to hosted data and services, while multiple connectivity failovers are available through wireless and satellite links.


Power surges, spikes and outages (including load shedding) can be a thing of the past. Our data centres are equipped with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and generator power, so we can guarantee a stable power supply.

Physical and virtual security

  • It is important that your organisation meets governance requirements for data security and protection, and our security measures have been designed to help you do just that.
  • Unauthorised people will not be able to access our data centres thanks to our refined access control and surveillance systems.
  • The data centre is protected against any fire damage by relying on our fire-suppression systems that meet international standards.
  • Your information is kept safe from hacking and cybercrime attacks, as we ensure that the latest firewalls and network access-control systems are put in place to protect the data centre.

24/7 support

With our expert engineers on site 24/7 you can rest easy knowing the necessary maintenance and support will be there when you need it.

A platform for productivity and performance

Cabling and hosting solutions to cater for your requirements

Options to connect to our data centre

Cloud Networking offers a number of choices for connecting into and out of our data centres. Whether you opt for one of our structured cable options or use our Hosting Traffic services, you can rest assured you will receive 24/7 support on a cloud networking platform that is designed for reliability and speed.

Structured Cabling

Our Structured Cabling service is a data centre networking services that allows for physical copper or fibre connections between carriers and co-location clients in our data centres. We offer diverse routes to ensure additional resilience in the data centre.

Cabling options include:

  • Twisted pair cables
  • Copper patch panels
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Fibre optic connectors: Lucent Connectors (LC) and Standard Connectors (SC)
  • Fibre enclosures

Hosting Traffic

If you host a website in our data centre, Hosting Traffic gives you a detailed list of data transfers that take place between servers in our data centres and the Internet. This helps you keep track of who is generating traffic to and from the site, and of related bandwidth costs.

Smart Hands

All our Data Centre services come with the option of Smart Hands support, which gives you access to our expert engineers on site, 24/7.

They’ll be able to work on equipment when you can’t, and will act on your instruction to do anything from toggling a switch to changing hardware components.

Seamless management and scalability

An outsourced solution that guarantees uptime

Cost-saving solutions that adapt to your business needs

It makes sense to outsource your data centre hardware and support to experts rather than building and running your own data centre facility.

For starters, you don’t have to worry about investing directly in the additional hardware, space and skills needed to expand your data centre. When the volume and complexity of services that run from the data centre expand, you can simply scale up your data centre services accordingly.

Building and running your own facility could cost more than just the initial outlay: sometimes you spend valuable financial resources paying for and running hardware and software you might never use, or you keep purchasing and adding additional resources to keep up with demand, which turns budgeting into an unpredictable and volatile nightmare. By working with our outsourced data centre hosting solution, you can better manage and control data centre costs, because you only pay for the rack space and power you need and use.

Remote management made easy

As the cloud revolution continues to grow, enterprises across the country rely more and more on the ability to enable a mobile workforce. While it is possible to provide connectivity for employees who conduct daily tasks, providing your administrators with a secure connection that can handle remote management capabilities can be a little more tricky. You need a solution that ensures maximum connectivity and uptime so they can stay on top of your server status. Thanks to remote lights-out management, your administrators are able to manage and monitor servers in the data centre, no matter where they are.

Availability is crucial when it comes to maintaining productivity and providing business continuity, which is why we have set service level agreements in place.

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