Even the most sophisticated network security monitoring can fall short when it comes to hacking detection. Smart hackers can eventually compromise a user or your network perimeter and move around your network for days, months or even years without being discovered.

If your corporate network is compromised, you need to know about it immediately so that you can take action to prevent theft, loss and damage.

Breach Detection from Internet Solutions alerts you as soon as your network security has been compromised. It also provides useful information for analysing, and dealing with the impact of, security breaches.

A single alert, when it matters

No false positives and detailed information on breaches

No false positives and detailed information on breaches

The adage,”You never think it will happen to you, until it does”, is starting to ring increasingly true for organisations around the world.

Attackers are constantly finding ways to enter and move around your network without being noticed – so much so that network intrusion is now considered a likely reality rather than a manageable risk.

No false positives

Breach Detection won’t flood your inbox with dozens of alerts every day. It’s quiet until something happens on the network, so you’ll be notified only when your security has actually been breached.

If you do get an alert from Breach Detection, you can take it as a very reliable indicator that there’s malicious activity on your network that needs to be investigated and addressed as soon as possible.

If you want more regular updates on Breach Detection activities, you can log in to our self-service portal to view the latest status reports across your network.


Detailed information on breaches

If there is a network intrusion, our incident response team will provide detailed information on what triggered it, and give you advice on how best to address the situation, from damage control to finding and repairing gaps in your network security.

Because Breach Detection records detailed information on network intrusions, you’ll be able to analyse the events leading up to a security breach and be in a position to manage its impact.

The world’s simplest advanced honeypot system

A look-alike that’s always on the lookout for security breaches

A look-alike that’s always on the lookout for security breaches

Breach Detection hosts imitation services that look just like the real ones on your network. Anything from routers to Linux webservers and Windows file servers can successfully be imitated to present a like-for-like, real-life copy of your network – a doppelgänger, the perfect lookalike.

These impressions are so believable that hackers won’t be able to tell the difference between the real network personality and the imitation version.

Let’s say a hacker is browsing your Active Directory for file servers, looking for documents on file sharing platforms or scanning your network for open services. When they encounter the imitation network personality, they’ll want to engage and explore further. As soon as they do, the game is up – you’ll receive an alert so that you can identify and look into the breach immediately.

Simple setup

The beauty of Breach Detection lies in its simplicity: it is easy to set up, works immediately, and offers some of the most advanced detection services in the market.

At work, at once

Looking after tomorrow

Quick to install and 100% useful from the get-go

Honeypot systems that help you counteract attempted security breaches can be costly and complicated to set up because they are isolated from the network.

Breach Detection is an intrusion detection system that’s quick and easy to set up, even on complex networks.

Customised alerts for different network personalities

You can register Breach Detection for different network personalities and choose who should be alerted to security breaches. Alerts can be delivered via SMS, email or SIEM integration, or a combination of these.

In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to see who’s browsing your Active Directory for file servers, trying default passwords on web services and network devices, exploring file shares or scanning your network for open services.

Looking after tomorrow

The monthly Breach Detection fee you pay today will go a long way to saving your time, money and reputation in the future. By securing your network and data, you will be protected against the significant financial and reputational damage caused by security breaches.

We understand how important it is to find the best-tailored security solution unique to your business, which is why you can add units to the Breach Detection service as you need to, quickly and easily.