Richard Muthua
Richard Muthua Head of Business Consulting

Hyperconnectivity is about connecting people and machines like never before and facilitates communications between every device on a network. Here’s how it’s helping Kenyan businesses to grow.

How hyperconnectivity is transforming enterprises

Hyperconnectivity is a state of unified communications in which the capacity to handle the traffic and bandwidth of a network always exceeds the demand. The number of potential communication pathways and nodes are more numerous than the number of subscribers. In a hyperconnected environment, everything is connected.

For decades, networks have been evolving to make unprecedented levels of person-to-person and person-to-machine communications possible, which can be described as an evolving state of hyperconnectivity.

As Kenyan businesses progress to greater levels of hyperconnectivity, the way in which they operate and the way employees work will undergo a radical transformation. A wide range of new services is becoming possible, making our lives easier while bringing people and businesses closer together.

A more connected world

Hyperconnectivity affects businesses of all sizes at every level and in every industry – from healthcare to retail. Its applications for agribusiness offer exciting potential which is just beginning to be realised. The use of sensors and drones to monitor and protect crops is becoming increasingly commonplace as a way to improve agricultural efficiency, and the seamless exchange of information is at its heart.

Hyperconnectivity is empowering enterprise transformation through:

Collaboration: Mobile workforces are here to stay and technology is making it increasingly easier by eliminating the limitations of geography. Workers can now collaborate across vast distances in real time.

Immediacy: The ability to access information at any time, as required, is a game changer for workers in a range of industries. Inventory management in retail and supply chain governance in manufacturing can all happen in real time. To achieve this, multiple systems must constantly be in contact with one another.

Driving innovation: Innovation is achieved through communications, making collaboration possible by connecting resources and assets quickly and seamlessly. With the required information at people’s fingertips as and when they need it, the sky's the limit when it comes to the initiation and realisation of ideas.

Hyperconnectivity puts new technologies to work to realise their true value, and a wide world of possibilities awaits. Businesses in Kenya will need to embrace it to stay ahead in an increasingly interconnected, competitive and fast-paced world.

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