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We are mindful of the struggle telcos have to get reliable, consistent telecommunications in Africa, and at Internet Solutions, we do something about it. And we have the track record and infrastructure to prove our commitment.

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It’s no different in Africa where rapid economic growth, urbanisation, and the advancement of democracy have created inviting market conditions. Entrepreneurs are lining up to take advantage of them, and to grow their markets. At Internet Solutions we recognise the urgency and demand for reliable and consistent telecommunications. It is the backbone of optimal business functionality. And, as a pan-African telecommunications provider, with solid experience in Africa, we respect the pitfalls of downtime. We care about how it can hamper your bottom line and sour customer satisfaction.

We understand that communication plays a vital role in any telecommunication company: the ability to seamlessly connect and communicate is essential, whether you are in a remote village or a bustling metropolis. In Africa, as elsewhere, connectivity is the key. Without secure and reliable connectivity, your telco will suffer, from day one. It is best to find the right connectivity partner at the right time, and that is at the start of your business setup. At Internet Solutions we have the know-how, the expertise and experience to minimise risk and the effects of downtime. We are mindful of the struggle telcos have to get reliable, consistent telecommunications in Africa, and at Internet Solutions, we do something about it. And we have the track record and infrastructure to prove our commitment.

Established network offers you success in Africa?

The increase in business potential and economic opportunity in Africa means you need to connect and connect instantly. Right. You need to stay connected too, to be truly competitive. That can be a challenge in Africa, if you do not have the right partner. You need established infrastructure, an internet service provider (ISP) that knows the African story, an ISP that breathes compliance and sustainability into the rules and regulations, someone who’s been there done that.

Simply put, the infrastructure and maintenance we consistently provide means your telecommunication business can focus on its core responsibility, the delivery of its products and services. A settled and secure ISP is the solution for ensuring reliable delivery to your clients and potential clients. By using an established  ISP, who can fulfill your expectations.

At Internet Solutions, we have invested in infrastructure that spans the African continent.

You do not have to lay a single cable to reap the benefits of this infrastructure because our widespread presence and strategic partnerships are the bedrocks of our footprint and service.

Our reach, like our knowledge of the continent, is formidable. It’s reliable. We’ve tested it. We have worked  hard over 24 years to create and consolidate an excellent African presence by using our own infrastructure and support in the regions we service.

We are a telecommunications provider with a firm African footprint.

We want to see Africa grow and we will be there to grow with it without compromising on global standards.

Internet Solutions: your partner with benefits

Internet Solutions is an established pan-African telecommunications provider with more than 24 years of experience.  We are a South African company that has expanded into the rest of the continent.

Our advantage by the numbers

  • Six operating offices in South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria
  • 66 Points of Presence in 16 regional markets
  • 210+ Gbps bandwidth capacity over West- and East-African coastal cable systems through investments in Sat 3, Main One, WACS, Seacom, EASSy, TEAMs and SAF
  • 15,500m2 data centre space in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and London
  • 3,500 VSAT terminations with teleports in South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria and Germany

You, as a global ISP provider, infrastructure partner, wholesale or retail partner, can only benefit from our African network infrastructure. Our understanding of the trends in each country we support means we can exploit our group expertise in conjunction with our African-based partners to ensure our network ecosystem delivers the quality services you expect. Our African understanding with a global reach is underlined by our continuing investment in  improving reliability and maintaining service level agreements (SLAs).

Partnering with the right company, one that provides systems and networks that are maintained by them and are consistently reliable, will protect your telcos’ reputation and allow you to fulfil your customers’ needs.

Internet Solutions Wholesale, the experts

Internet Solutions provides a deep-rooted African network that has been established and consolidated through the provision of innovative end-to-end telecommunication solutions and related services for more than 24 years.

Internet Solutions is at the forefront of Internet Protocol-based technologies . We build solutions and services to meet the increasingly complex demands of organisations across the enterprise, public sector, and global carriers spectrums.

Our understanding of the wholesale market in Africa means that when you partner with us you partner with the experts in the African network landscape.

To continue your adventure in Africa, contact us.

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