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In today’s rapidly changing world, increased efficiency has become a top priority for many IT managers. You want to learn new ways to make yourself more effective and to extend that efficiency to your staff. Now you can do that by using these tools to become a more efficient IT manager, make your company more efficient and stand out as an IT innovator.

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Toolkit item number 1: Faster connectivity

All of us can do with faster connectivity. Feeding fibre-optic Internet connectivity directly to your business will result in increased productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction. Remember that you can’t complete tasks with lightning speed if you have a mediocre Internet connection.

A good Internet connection drives other areas of cloud applications such as internal and external business communications because uploading large files like video or voice will be speeded up. Creating an environment powered by reliable Internet will propel your business into the future because it will handle the load of emerging technologies and be more cost-efficient in the long run.

Toolkit item number 2: Data centre ready

The use of data centres are becoming the new norm as the practice of direct control over your IT begins to wane. Unfortunately, humans are generally averse to change because we tend to settle into our comfort zones, adapt to that environment and want to thrive in it as long as possible. Some companies have a fear of storing their company information offsite. The problem with this is that businesses cannot evolve and become agile if they cling to this practice. Do you want your company to remain stagnant?

If not, you will be just fine if you choose the right ICT service provider. At Internet Solutions, we comply with PoPi legislation and data localisation laws to offer our clients an opportunity to boost the security of their data. This brings us to the next point:

Toolkit item number 3: Advanced security

As your cloud usage grows, ensuring the security of information is of prime importance. Breach Detection is often neglected due to a lack of resources or ownership of responsibility, but we can facilitate this service for you. Look for a service provider that will offer you superior security, vigilant checking and a trusted service (sounds a lot like us). If you want a little more security control, you can safeguard users by keeping an eye on how your employees conduct business using PhishNet

Toolkit item number 4: Time to unify

Traditional phone systems create intricate environments that need expert attention. On the other hand, there are a myriad benefits if you employ unified communications. Intuitive web applications will simplify your communications. It is the perfect solution for companies who want to streamline their communications infrastructure. Converge voice and data on the same network and enjoy a lot more than just voice capabilities with added collaboration tools. To find out more about how you can this voice platform in your business, take a look at our website .

Toolkit item number 5: Cloud onboarding

Today, if you want to remain competitive, your company must focus on its core competency and serve clients. As your premise-based systems evolve, so will their cost and maintenance. Outdated technology will also struggle to keep up with the latest technological developments and this will slow down the user and overall operations. But not just any platform will do when you move to the cloud. Our cloud service provides several benefits like analysing each client's unique digital maturity and proposing the best solution to launch your business into the future.

So, now that you have all these tools in the bag to make you a more efficient IT manager, it’s time to get shopping. Reach out to us at any time to get started with any one of our IT solutions. For more complicated transitions, read our Guide to Successfully Migrating to a Managed IT Service.

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