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Today we operate in a highly networked society. As these networks continue to grow and the information age transforms to the participation age, connectivity becomes ever more important. The fact is that governments rely on connectivity to deliver services and the quality of connectivity determines a government’s communication, collaboration and transactional capabilities, which will ultimately determine service delivery effectiveness.

In the information economy, where exchanges between citizens and government are critical, we all now demand instantaneous access and get frustrated by even the shortest delay.

Inaccessibility and any perceived lack of transparency are no longer acceptable. With a world that is open 24/7, governments need to ensure that they are serving their citizens every minute of every day. We all demand a continual online presence, with governments needing to be accessible to their citizens around the clock.

Our connectivity services enable governments to operate 24/7, bringing government and citizens closer and ensuring effective and efficient service delivery. 

    • Infrastructure

      Every organisation is reliant on ICT to remain operational and be competitive. Wherever an organisation may be requiring connectivity we have a suitable infrastructure solution that will ensure you are always connected.

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    • Fixed Broadband

      We offer reliable, scalable and cost-effective Internet connectivity. Whether you are looking for high-speed Internet access over fibre or digital subscriber line (DSL) capped or uncapped with unshaped or controlled access, we have an appropriate broadband package to suit your needs.

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    • Managed Data Networks

      Internet Solutions' Managed Data Network Services provide companies with complete end-to-end control and flexibility over network performance, by utilising MPLS for a highly scalable data-carrying mechanism.

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